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Client Services

How to Sell

To consign your car or to discuss your specific requirements please contact Rory Johnston, who will be able to talk you through all the various steps involved in consigning your vehicle(s) and what needs to be undertaken to ensure you achieve the best possible sale result.

Rory, or any other member of our team, will be able to advise on valuation methods, presentation, auction or private treaty process and should you wish to set a reserve price help you establish an appropriate one for the vehicle.

Once you have agreed to consign your vehicle you will enter into a Consignment Agreement contract that will set out all the specific details and relevant information appertaining to your vehicle plus the commercial arrangements in terms of sellers commissions, consignment fees and expenses.

Subsequent to the agreement and payment of the Consignment fees, we will then arrange for photography and compilation of all relevant history and detail in order to start marketing the vehicle for the proposed auction.

We are also able to assist with advice in terms of transportation to the auction venue and preparation to ensure that it is presented in the best possible light to help achieve the most favorable sale price.

For copies of our Consignment Agreement and our General Terms & Conditions of business please contact Rory Johnston on rory@ctsauctions.com

Commissions & fees

$ 1,000 per vehicle entry & consignment fee

A commission of 10% of the final bid price on each lot sold. (Negotiable on multiple, grouped or collection consignments)

CTS Auctions
CTS Auctions